Bridgeport WV Personal Injury & Family Law Attorney

Injured in a car accident in Clarksburg, WV?

One of the most dangerous roads in West Virginia is the Rt. 50 – I79 Intersection. If you or a family member have been injured in an accident in Harrison County, Isner Law Office is dedicated to helping you recover money due from insurance companies and negligent drivers. Make sure you contact our firm and receive the proper representation you deserve.

Divorce attorney for Bridgeport, WV

The decisions that come out of divorces are life altering. Residents of Bridgeport who are facing this tumultuous time can turn to an attorney who understands what they are facing and how to guide them Through the process. When life is starting over, you can trust Isner Law to insure you have the best restart.

Social Security Denied in Shinnston, WV

You’ve worked, you’ve paid into social security, and then you became unable to work. Shinnston residents don’t have to fight the denied social security claim without help. Don’t turn to just anyone saying they can help you with your claim. Call the attorney that will aggressively defend and represent your needs.

Find a Lawyer in Harrison County

Isner Law Office has been practicing law in North Central West Virginia. We have received numerous recognitions for expert service and guidance. Please Contact Us now for a free initial consultation (in most cases, family law consultations are not free).