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Isner Law Office is a premier firm in central West Virginia that has quickly become known for providing expert legal advice and representation to individuals and families who need legal guidance and help. We’ve founded our practice on honesty and hard work and a firm belief that the United States Civil jury system provides the best path to justice for those who have been harmed, or wrongfully charged. We are committed to protecting everyones constitutional rights.

Results for Personal Injury Cases

Our firm is dedicated to helping those who have been wrongfully injured by another’s negligence to win justice back by gaining proper compensation. We’ve received positive results for clients who have dealt with personal injuries, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, and even social security disability cases. Isner Law is committed to handling your case aggressively and maximizing your recovery. We understand that during this difficult time of your life, you need an advocate who is there serving your best interest, and Isner and associates is here for you.

WV Experienced Litigator

To properly litigate a case, you need attorneys who have experience in complex litigation. Isner Law has the ability, experience, and knowledge to effectively represent you in front of a judge, family law master, or a jury. Whether we are walking our clients Through a personal injury case, a divorce hearing, a denied social security claim, or false accusations, we will tirelessly work to protect them. With a proven track record, and a commitment to each of our clients – you can understand why the best choice for you is Isner Law.

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Isner Law Office has been practicing law in North Central West Virginia. We have received numerous recognitions for expert service and guidance. Please Contact Us now for a free initial consultation (in most cases, family law consultations are not free).