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Penalties for Conviction of a Violent Crime In West Virginia

A conviction for charges involving any type of assault or battery can result in severe consequences. These can impact you for a lifetime. Even if no harm occurred, assault and battery are considered violent crimes. The potential penalties reflect how serious the state of West Virginia views these allegations.

Penalties for assault and battery may include fines and the possibility of spending months or years of your life in prison. In addition to losing your job and your freedom, an assault conviction may make it extremely difficult to find employment or housing in the future.

Assault (an attempt to threaten or cause injury)

Misdemeanor Assault: Up to 6 months in jail & a fine of up to $100

Assault of Civil Servant: Up to 6 months in jail & a fine of up to $200

Domestic Assault (first offense): Up to 6 months in jail & a fine of up to $200 (plus restitution)

Battery (infliction of physical contact with the intent to insult, provoke, or harm)

Misdemeanor Battery (contact resulting in bruising, scrapes, and/or cuts): Up to 12 months in jail & a fine of up to $500

The Battery of a Civil Servant: Up to one year in jail & a fine of up to $500

Domestic Battery (first offense): Up to one year in jail & a fine of up to $500 (plus restitution)

The penalties for assault and battery can be significantly more severe for subsequent offenses, felony-grade offenses, and mitigating circumstances such as malicious intent and/or unlawful actions performed without malicious intent, but which nevertheless result in serious bodily injury, disfigurement, or death.

Actions that are considered unlawful assault may be penalized by up to five years in prison (or up to one year in county jail and a fine of up to $500), while unlawful assault against a civil servant may result in a sentence of up to five years in prison.

An act of malicious assault may result in a sentence of up to ten years in state prison, while a malicious assault against a civil servant or child under the age of 16 is punishable by up to fifteen years in prison.

Violent crimes committed against children, the elderly, and other vulnerable classes, as well as and under circumstances specified by law, may be subject to enhanced penalties.

WV’s Best Legal Defense for Assault and Battery Charges

At Isner Law Office, our assault criminal defense lawyers will work closely with you to determine the best and most effective legal strategy. We may be able to secure a suspended sentence (completion of part of all of your sentence on probation – instead of in jail). Our clients may be able to gain entry into a pre-trial diversion program. Isner Law may be able to have the assault and battery charges against you dismissed altogether. The sooner you call us, the better. The defense strategies our West Virginia criminal defense team can provide for allegations of assault, battery, domestic violence and other violent crimes will depend on the exact facts and circumstances of your case.

If you have been arrested on an assault or battery charge, contact our skilled attorneys immediately so we can begin preparing a solid legal representation strategy on your behalf. We strive to get the best possible outcome for every client, every time.

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