Legal Representation for Foster Parents in Monongalia County, WV

It is the duty of a foster parent to advocate for a child, and an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can prove essential to turning a chaotic childhood into a bright and promising future. It is an advantage to a foster parent to have an attorney on hand, both as a spokesperson and a guide to navigating the complex and often confusing avenues of child welfare law. If you are considering becoming a foster parent, contact Isner Law Office where our attorneys have many years of experience assisting and guiding foster families in West Virginia.

Are You a West Virginia University Student Who Needs to Determine Paternity?

Do you believe you are the father of a child in Morgantown, WV and wish to establish your parental rights, or are you are the mother of a child and hope to obtain the support your child needs? If your parental rights are being denied, or if you are struggling to obtain child support for your children, you need aggressive representation and legal knowledge on your side. Contact Isner Law Office for answers and advice on what is involved when paternity is questioned.

Westover, WV Subsidized Adoption Attorney

Ensuring that hard to place children will be raised in warm and caring homes is an important priority of the West Virginia foster care system. If you are planning to adopt and provide a loving home to a child with special needs, you may be entitled to receive financial and medical assistance in the form of adoption subsidy. Isner Law Office has experience determining eligibility for adoption subsidy, pursuing such entitlement, negotiating for clients’ rights, and litigating the law in administrative, trial, and appellate courts. If you want to learn more about eligibility, do not hesitate to contact us.

Morgantown, WV CPS Law

Monongalia County CPS cases can be extremely difficult to navigate and can leave families broken if not handled correctly. At Isner Law Office, our CPS attorneys openly communicate with you during every step of case proceedings. Don’t try to face this difficult time on your own, contact a knowledgeable West Virginia attorney today. We help you make informed decisions to help resolve your case quickly and efficiently.

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Monongalia County, WV Lawyers

Isner Law Office has practiced law in north-central West Virginia for many years. Our attorneys and staff take pride in numerous recognitions for expert service and guidance. We offer legal advice and representation that residents of Morgantown, Westover, and all of Monongalia County can trust. Contact us to request a consultation. Call: (304) 636-7681.