Foster Parent Adoption Lawyer in West Virginia

Jefferson County families who are hoping to adopt are strongly encouraged to speak with an adoption lawyer. Adoption can be a very complex process and varies depending on the type of adoption, where the child is from and several other factors. Since there are so many crucial elements to worry about when adopting a child, it is important to contact Isner Law Office and connect with someone who understands the legal side of the process. If you are a foster parent adopting children in Charles Town, Ranson, Bolivar, Harpers Ferry, Shepherdstown, or the surrounding area, contact us today!

Relative Rights Attorney in Jefferson County, WV

The safety of the child is the most important issue when determining custody and visitation decisions and what is in the best interest of the child. Do you need support advocating for your rights regarding your juvenile relatives who reside in Charles Town, Ranson, Bolivar, Harpers Ferry, Shepherdstown, or the surrounding area?

Grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles, and others who are a close relative to a child are considered a kinship placement and have priority over others for a CPS case. Learn more about your rights by contacting Isner Law Office for legal advice and court representation statewide in West Virginia.

Do You Need Assistance Getting a Child Back from CPS?

The most important thing you need to do if CPS removes your children, is to contact Attorney Phil Isner immediately. Isner Law Office will help you navigate the complexities of CPS investigations, including the steps necessary for getting a child, grandchild, or other relative child back from CPS. It is always a traumatic situation when CPS removes a child from your home, but this does not have to be permanent. We will fight for your rights when it comes to getting a child back from CPS and restoring your Jefferson County family.

Contact a CPS Lawyer in West Virginia

The thoughtful, compassionate, and sincere CPS attorneys at Isner Law Office have been practicing law throughout North Central West Virginia for many years. We are prepared to provide expert service and guidance for families dealing with CPS. Contact us now to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your case. Call (304) 636-7681.