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At Isner Law Office, we often discover that those who have been accused of a sex crime are automatically deemed “guilty” in the “court of public opinion.” This is not fair –and it is unAmerican. If you have been arrested and/or charged with a sex crime in the state of West Virginia, you are entitled to a fair trial and the opportunity to defend your innocence.

Sex Crime Criminal Charges

Personalized Legal Defense Strategies

At Isner Law Office, our sex violation criminal defense attorneys can help. We can pursue a legal strategy designed to secure the best possible outcome for your case in West Virginia courts. Our defense lawyers understand that a vindictive individual may have fabricated the allegations against you. Maybe you were on a date, and someone changed their mind. Perhaps someone sent a picture to your phone or computer. Misunderstandings related to sexual matters are common. Whether falsely accused, set up, or you made a mistake, when your future and your reputation in the community is at stake due to an allegation of rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse, contact us. You can trust our experienced criminal attorneys for statewide defense of these and other alleged crimes of a sexual nature.

Rape, Sexual Assault & Abuse, Incest, and Child Pornography Defense

Our legal defense team aggressively protects the rights of individuals falsely accused of all types of sex crimes throughout West Virginia, including:

-Reporter’s name & relationship to the family

-Why the report is being made

-The source of information

-Any actions the reporter suggests should occur

-Name and contact information for biological parents who are not subjects of the report

-Names and contact information of other people with information regarding the child or family

Unfairly Targeted for a Sex Crime You Did Not Commit In WV?

Whether you accidentally clicked on a computer link, were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or were unfairly targeted for a sex crime you did not commit, your innocence likely won’t be enough to secure justice in West Virginia. You need a dedicated sex crime defense attorney who understands how to protect your rights in West Virginia courtrooms. If you have been unfairly targeted and falsely accused, you must act fast. Choose an experienced sex crime defense attorney who is willing and able to aggressively fight for you. Isner Law Office can defend your rights in Morgantown, Weston, Elkins, Buckhannon, Philippi, and all areas of West Virginia. Let us help you resume your life with the clean slate you deserve.

Penalties for Rape, First Degree Sexual Assault, and Child Sex Crimes

Life Without Parole & WV Sex Offender Registration

Under West Virginia law, the reality is harsh for those convicted of sex crimes. Penalties for crimes of a sexual nature such as rape or first-degree sexual assault may include up to 35 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Those found guilty of certain sex offenses against children may be sentenced to life without parole in federal prison.

Aside from financial damages and incarceration, individuals found to meet the criteria as stated in WV Code §15-12 (Sex Offender Registration Act) must also provide personal details for display online – sometimes for life. Isner Law Office can provide skilled legal representation in local county and state courts, as well as federal courts, to deliver the best outcome for your case.

What Should I Do If Accused of a Sex Crime In WV?

If you have been arrested and falsely accused of a sex crime, keep in mind that you should never speak to any member of law enforcement or Child Protective Services without your attorney. You need a sex violation criminal defense attorney that understands and is ready to fight for you. Isner Law Office can help.

Sex Crime Lawyers Serving West Virginia

Our skilled sex crime legal defense team has extensive experience successfully defending individuals who have been wrongfully targeted for rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and all types of sex crimes. With so much at stake, choose the top-rated law firm dedicated to providing effective legal representation. Call Isner Law Office to schedule your free* initial consultation today 304-636-7681.

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