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At Isner Law Office, we care about our clients. We are a client-focused firm serving residents of Morgantown and all of West Virginia. We offer individuals and families the legal services they need to overcome some of life’s most challenging issues. Over the years, many of our clients have reached out to express gratitude. Some have left reviews that we’re proud to share with you below. If Isner Law can be of assistance, please contact us by calling 304-636-7681.

The best advice and they go for it

-Ruth C.

Phil Isner is always there to help with whatever you need. I only used his services to get my SSD and hopefully, I won’t need a lawyer again. If I do, he’ll be the one I’ll get.

-Joseph Y.

Courteous, friendly atmosphere . . . Isner Law us ready to stand by you and go the extra mile if needed.

-Ellen W.

This firm is very attentive to detail. My family had some estate work done and the staff was very knowledgeable. We needed our work completed quickly and had multiple documents drafted and completed in less than a week. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing estate work or any other area of the practice for that matter.

-Pamala G.

My attorney. Proud to have Phil on my side!

-Donald E.

Intelligent and experienced. This firm handled the appeal for my godson’s case and is now handling other legal matters for me. I expect to hire them to represent me for other upcoming matters. I highly recommend them on a regular basis.

-Tom X.

Mr. Isner represented me for a parole hearing. After having been denied for 8 consecutive years, I was finally granted parole from a Life with Mercy sentence. Indirectly, his presence was also more than likely the reason there was almost a 70% parole rate at that facility for that month.


A huge shout out for this man. He truly was an inspiration to watch work. He saw a small window of opportunity and finessed that into a win that neither of us could have expected 24 hours earlier.

My disability case was a very difficult one. I knew there was a significant difference in my abilities and in my stability regarding attaining, maintaining, and sustaining employment, but one cannot tell by looking at me, nor are most of my limitations easy to “show.” On paper, I appear borderline challenged. Personally, I have an ugly history that the courts and society find irresponsible and self-indulgent on the surface. Then, there is my eccentric, sometimes radical, personality. Quite the challenge. Yet, in the end, success.

For those who wonder and worry about the minimal contact, don’t. All paperwork and necessary legal actions are taken care of. There is a very professional process in this law office. Relax. Trust the process. Besides, most of your time-consuming questions can be answered with a basic internet search. I am not easy to “read,” yet this man quickly read the situation, me, how everything affected my gainful employment outlook and devised a simple strategy to expose all of that. Truly amazing.

Feeling Blessed.


Phil took on a complicated criminal case and helped me obtain a very favorable outcome! I would definitely hire him again!

-Brandon X.

Phil and his entire staff are absolutely wonderful! They always make sure you feel welcome from the time you walk in the door to meet them until your case is over! Phil and his staff helped my family keep my niece safe and out of harm’s way! Always so quick to get back to us! He will FOREVER be our lawyer for anything and everything!