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What Happens If My Child Is Taken By CPS

Child Protective Service investigations can be very stressful, and they can leave you concerned about your family’s future. It is within your best interest to hire an attorney, as your child’s future may depend on it. Speak to Attorney Phil Isner of Isner Law Office in Elkins, West Virginia today to get answers and legal advice.

What Steps Should You Take to Get Your Child Back From CPS

1. Call Isner Law Office

Contact a knowledgeable family lawyer who is specialized in custody, divorce cases, and even matters of adoption. They will help you fight your case in front of the judge and help you out with other legalities. By doing so, you can voice your concerns to the judge. Isner Law Office offers professional legal guidance and representation you can trust. Our attorneys can help protect your rights when accused of child abuse, child neglect, child endangerment, and related allegations in West Virginia. Contact Isner Law Office today to schedule a consultation. We can answer all of your questions and help you get started. (304) 636-7681

2. Know your rights

As parents, you have certain rights. You can request your child to be placed with a relative instead of foster care. You can do this after a social worker has been appointed to your case. In addition, you can ask CPS about the allegations against you. Ask the social worker about the nature of the allegations against you and what has been alleged. With this, you can ask about how the CPS process will be conducted and what you can expect. You also have the right to visit your child after they are taken from you. Usually, you can meet them under supervision. If you are unhappy with the schedule given by the CPS, you can certainly make an appeal to the court. Acting on these rights can show that you are likely to care about your child and want what is best for them. The county will notice this.

3. Gather supporters

If an allegation is made against you for neglect and abuse of your child, you need to prove that it was a false allegation. Ask help from neighbors, teachers, doctors, and other family members.

4. Take part in the Multidisciplinary Team Meeting (MDT)

Remember not to miss any meeting with CPS. It is very important that you follow the schedule and dates given to you. After your child is taken away from your custody, make sure that you and your relatives attend the meetings.

5. Try to make progress

You need to prove that your child’s interest is more important to you than anything else in this world. Attend all the hearings and show that you are a responsible parent. Other ways to show progress:

– Become financially stable.

– Have a stable place to live.

– Have a psychological evaluation and follow what is recommended.

– Get treatment for drug or alcohol abuse.

– Stay drug or alcohol free.

– Go to parenting classes.

– Go to supervised or unsupervised visits with the child.

– Go to Multidisciplinary Team meetings (MDT).

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