What are my rights with CPS in Grant County?

You have the right to be free from intrusion into your home, except upon lawful consent. CPS is like any other law enforcement agency. They cannot come into your home without a warrant, whether they are alone or with the police/law enforcement. Our best piece of advice is to contact Attorney Phil Isner immediately! Isner Law Office offers professional legal guidance and representation you can trust. We can help protect your rights, answer your questions and help you with your CPS case in Petersburg, Bayard, Grant, Milroy, Union and the rest of Grant County.

Are You a Foster Parent Dealing with CPS In West Virginia?

If you are a foster parent dealing with child protective services in Petersburg, Bayard, Grant, Milroy, Union or elsewhere in Grant County, Isner Law Office can help. Good foster parents understand that a child’s welfare comes before all other concerns, and it may be in a child’s best interest to remain in your care rather than return to their biological parents. Attorney Phil Isner is skilled at navigating any foster care situation you may find yourself in and assisting you with exercising your rights as a foster parent throughout the state of West Virginia. Contact us today!

Seeking Custody of Your Grandchild in Grant County?

Are your grandchild’s parents unable or unwilling to properly care for their children? Do you anticipate an upcoming hearing involving the transfer of child custody to the state of West Virginia, or the termination of parental rights?  As a grandparent, you have specific legal rights regarding the custody of your grandchild when the parents are not able or willing to retain custody. At Isner Law Offices, our West Virginia CPS attorneys help grandparents protect their rights when seeking the custody or adoption of a grandchild in Petersburg, Bayard, Grant, Milroy, Union and the surrounding areas of Grant County. Call us today!

Contact a CPS Lawyer in West Virginia

The thoughtful, compassionate, and sincere CPS attorneys at Isner Law Office have been practicing law throughout North Central West Virginia for many years. We are prepared to provide expert service and guidance for families dealing with CPS. Contact us now to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your case. Call (304) 636-7681.