Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Virginia

The best opportunity for you to receive a positive outcome in any criminal defense case, is to employ an attorney that is adept at defending those types of cases. Phil Isner has the expertise to provide legal representation in county, state, and federal courts.

Our firm is not afraid to challenge the legal system and make sure your rights haven’t been violated. We take an aggressive stance at defending you or your loved ones.

When everything is at stake, it’s a stressful time. You can find comfort in knowing that Isner law can make a positive difference. We help with criminal cases like: DUI/DWI, Assault, Burglary, Drug Crimes, Public Intoxication, Shoplifting, Weapons Charges, Sexual Assault, and Child Pornography. Your reputation and life is at stake. Don’t trust your future to an inexperienced law firm. You can trust and depend on Isner Law.

Drunk Driving Lawyer for Elkins and Buckhannon, WV

Protecting the rights of people in West Virginia who have been accused of drunk driving and it’s related traffic offenses, is a focus for Isner Law Office. Don’t get caught thinking that you don’t have a defense against these charges. In criminal cases, the burden of proof is on the state to prove you are guilty. We have achieved success for previous clients who faced this life altering charge. We are a tough firm, committed to providing expert guidance and representation against drunk driving charges.

Facing Assault Charges in West Virginia

Too many times an assault charge comes out of a situation where an unprovoked attack occurred. Unfortunately, the victim is mislabeled and their future is placed in legal peril. Often these victims were simply practicing self defense and the authorities make an improper decision. The only way to fight for your freedom is to hire an attorney that is willing to uncover the facts and find all the corroborating witness testimonies supporting your case. Phil Isner and his staff promise to not be outworked when it comes to providing you proper legal help against false assault charges.

Attorneys Representing Those Charged with Burglary, Robbery, and Theft

Burglary, robbery, and theft have distinct differences. They do often involve the unauthorized taking of someones personal property, but the similarities end there. When you have been accused of one of these crimes, it takes attorneys who understand what the laws say and how they are specifically related to your case. Circumstantial evidence is typically at the heart of these cases. Don’t fight alone or with the wrong attorney. Contact Isner Law now for help.

West Virginia Drug Crime Attorney

Aggressively protecting and defending your freedom against drug charges is a viable option. By protecting our clients agains harsh criminal penalties, we have earned a reputation for being the firm to contact when facing drug charges. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can go to work at defending you. If you’ve been arrested for possession, selling, trafficking, manufacturing, or possession with intent to deliver, you need a firm that’s serious about getting those charges dismissed or reduced.

Public Intoxication Lawyer in Elkins, Buckhannon, and Fairmont

Quite simply, public intoxication in West Virginia is being intoxicated or drinking alcoholic beverages in a public place. (W.Va. Ann. Code § 60-6-9.) The first conviction carries a minimum $5 fine, while future charges carry possible jail time. While these charges may seem minuscule compared to other criminal cases, your rights are still important. Authorities have in the past attempted to make this arrest while the defendant wasn’t located in a public place such as a sidewalk adjacent to their personal property. Big or small, your rights shouldn’t be trampled on.

Gun Rights Lawyer in West Virginia

Being arrested for a weapons violation can lead to severe legal penalties, thousands of dollars in fines, and the confiscation of your firearms. Facing these situations require attorneys who are knowledgeable on how to defend your rights and fight the charges being levied against you. Not only are we gun owners ourselves, we understand the fundamental right to bare arms. Isner Law Office is dedicated to helping you handle weapons charges.

West Virginia Sex Crime Lawyer

The first rule for any individual who has been accused of sexual abuse, rape, molestation or other sex crimes is do not talk with the police or child protective services without an attorney present. You need an attorney who is experienced at defending people who have been falsely accused of sexual crimes. These charges don’t get dropped or thrown out easily, and the longer you wait to contact an attorney the harder it will be to find a positive outcome for your case. Call us now.

Child Pornography Defense Attorney

Child pornography is typically not an open and shut case. Perhaps someone else used your computer or laptop and they downloaded an inappropriate photo. Maybe you unassumingly clicked on a link from a junk email that directed you to an explicit site. Are you responsible for an image that gets texted or emailed directly to your phone? If you’ve been incorrectly charged for having or distributing child pornography, our firm can help defend your rights.

Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Virginia

Isner Law Office has been practicing law since 1997 in North Central West Virginia. We have received numerous recognitions for expert service and guidance. Please Contact Us now for a free initial consultation (in most cases, family law consultations are not free).