Understanding Ohio County, WV CPS Law

No matter whether you live in Wheeling, Triadelphia, West Liberty, Bethlehem, Clearview, Valley Grove or the surrounding area, it can be challenging to deal with the legal system and Child Protective Services (CPS). It can seem like other people are making all the decisions about what your family must do and what will happen to your child. CPS Law encompasses a broad range of legal topics involving children. Each case represents a unique set of challenges. Isner Law Office in Elkins, WV offers the knowledgeable and focused counsel you need. Call us today!

Questions About Foster Parent Adoptions in Ohio County, WV?

Adopting a child from foster care can be one of the most fulfilling ways to add to your family, forever transforming your life as well as the life of a child. However, the adoption process can seem confusing or overwhelming at times. At Isner Law Office, our job is to advocate for you and your foster child, and to ensure that you understand your rights through every step of the process. We offer all the legal services that you need to finalize your Wheeling, Triadelphia, West Liberty, Bethlehem, Clearview, or Valley Grove foster care adoption.

Ohio County Paternity Attorney

Are you trying to establish or challenge paternity, contest the adoption of your child, relinquish your parental rights, or adjust a child support or visitation order in Ohio County? Being a parent is difficult enough even when there is an ideal situation between the mother and the father. West Virginia paternity lawyer, Phil Isner will ensure that your rights are protected and that the best situation for the child will come about legally through the courts. Contact us today!

Contact a CPS Lawyer in West Virginia

The thoughtful, compassionate, and sincere CPS attorneys at Isner Law Office have been practicing law throughout North Central West Virginia for many years. We are prepared to provide expert service and guidance for families dealing with CPS. Contact us now to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your case. Call (304) 636-7681.