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Family Law encompasses a broad range of legal topics involving marriages and children. Each case represents a unique set of challenges. Effective attorneys not only provide representation but also sound advice. They work to achieve their client’s success. Isner Law Office offers the compassionate help you are seeking as you deal with life’s transitions.

West Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Some clients who are faced with terminating a marriage would like the situation to be resolved efficiently and amicably. These cases provide faster conclusions and can be handled quickly through fair mediation and negotiation. Unfortunately, these types of situations are in the minority. No matter the situation with your spouse, you need a divorce lawyer who is willing to aggressively litigate and represent your best interests.

Child Custody Attorney In Elkins WV

The role of parents in the development of their children is critical. At Isner Law Office, we emphasize child custody solutions that benefit the parent-child relationship. We help our clients obtain the proper legal and physical custody of their children. If you’re a parent seeking responsibility and authority for your children, we will work to maintain your decision-making rights as a parent.

Lawyer Guiding You Through Child Support

Multiple factors determine how much child support is to be paid. Don’t leave it to chance. We can help you present detailed information to ensure you receive the maximum amount allowed by law. Don’t sit idly by while the money you and your children need is nowhere to be found. Take action. Isner Law will help you hold your former partner accountable for their fiduciary duty.

Legal Representation for the Adoption Process

Adoption can be a rewarding, and often necessary, experience for a child and family. Multiple West Virginia statutes are in place to help protect not just the child, but also the family. Adoptions can include direct placement adoption, step-parent adoption, and relative adoption. Whatever your circumstance, Phil Isner and associates are dedicated to helping you fill out the proper paperwork to see the adoption process through to fruition.

Elkins, WV Attorney Helping You With Alimony

The court system has the final say in determining whether or not you will receive spousal support, as well as the amount you deserve. Alimony eligibility often is dependent on an insufficient amount of assets after the divorce. Education, marriage length, and infidelity may be factors in determining the amount of support awarded. Make sure you receive everything you are entitled to by calling us today for help and legal representation.

Grandparents’ Rights to Custody In Elkins, WV

Grandparents often suffer from the ill will of a scorned and angry parent after a divorce. Being a victim of such anger is emotionally devastating. As a grandparent, you still have the right to request grandparent visitation. You must hire a law firm that can persuade the family law judge or the court that the children would benefit from seeing and being involved with you. Don’t sit idly by while your grandchildren need you. Call Isner Law today and hug your grandchildren again soon.

Help With CPS In West Virginia

Isner Law Office is here for you. We provide legal representation and sound advice for families dealing with many issues. We can guide you to protect yourself from accusations from Child Protective Services (CPS), as well, including:

Find a Divorce Lawyer In West Virginia

The divorce and family law attorneys at Isner Law Office have been practicing law throughout North Central West Virginia for many years. We have received numerous recognitions for providing expert service and guidance. Contact us now to schedule an initial consultation and discuss your case. Call 304-636-7681.