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Have you been arrested and/or charged in connection with drug possession, possession with intent to deliver, or another drug-related crime in West Virginia? When facing drug charges, time is of the essence. You must contact a dedicated criminal defense lawyer right away.

We Protect Your Rights When Facing Drug Charges In WV

At Isner Law Office, our skilled drug crime defense attorneys work hard to protect our clients’ rights. That is why we are known as THE law firm to call when facing drug charges. We can protect your rights, too. Whether you suffer from addiction, substance abuse disorder, have been wrongly accused or made a mistake, we can help. If you have been arrested or charged with a drug law violation in West Virginia, contact our legal defense team right away. Call: 304-636-7681.

Severe Penalties

Possession of a Controlled Substance & Intent to Deliver In WV

If you have been falsely accused of a drug-related crime, set up by a vindictive individual, or made a mistake, it is critical to get legal representation immediately. Whether true or not, any accusation related to drugs is serious. In the state of West Virginia, being found guilty of possession of an unlawfully obtained controlled substance can be devastating. If the prosecutor decides to accuse you of having an intent to distribute any drugs allegedly found in your possession, you face catastrophic penalties. This type of allegation may cost you up to $25,000 and fifteen years of your freedom. Contact the experienced drug defense lawyers at Isner Law Office immediately.

Yes, Marijuana Is Considered An Illegal Drug

For many, it may be hard to understand why marijuana is viewed so harshly. Medical marijuana, CBD, and similar products are often recommended by medical professionals and don’t seem to cause significant issues. Many cannabis items are available at stores throughout West Virginia. Most of us know someone who uses a marijuana-based product to relieve arthritis, nausea, or some other condition. All perfectly legal. But maybe a friend or relative accidentally left their legally obtained marijuana at your residence after a visit. Maybe a friend dropped their medical marijuana in your car by accident. Unfortunately for those who accidentally find marijuana in their possession or choose to handle marijuana outside the confines of the law, the effect can be an absolute disaster.

Unlawful Marijuana Possession In West Virginia

The possession of unlawfully obtained medical marijuana may be viewed no differently than possession of heroin, synthetic drugs, counterfeit drugs, or even manufacturing compounds (depending on the jurisdiction, prosecutor, and facts of your case). No matter how minor you may think a marijuana charge is, the state of West Virginia most certainly does not. The possession of any amount of marijuana the state classifies as personal use can carry a fine of up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail. If you are facing a marijuana possession charge, or any other drug-related charge, in the state of West Virginia, it is essential to secure experienced legal representation as soon as possible!

Attention University Students:

Students at West Virginia’s universities of higher education who are convicted of drug-related crimes are subject to severe consequences that may impact their educational goals and future. Aside from the possibility of expulsion from the university, all federal student loans may become immediately due and payable by a student found guilty of drug possession/possession with intent charges. In addition, access to student loans in the future may be automatically denied. If you are a college student who has been charged with drug possession, contact Isner Law Office right away.

First Time Drug Possession Offenses

Conditional Discharge In WV

West Virginia offers first-time drug possession offenders who have never been convicted of a prior drug crime in the United States a unique opportunity. Eligible offenders can pursue “conditional discharge” of a first-time drug offense. Because West Virginia essentially views almost all types of drugs in the same light, you may be eligible for a conditional discharge regardless of the type of drug you have been accused of possessing.

Conditional Discharge Program for Drug Offenses

Although a record of conviction under this special provision is maintained by law enforcement agencies, you may be able to avoid all applicable fines and imprisonment upon completion of the steps of the conditional discharge program:

1. Complete term of probation.

2. Receive dismissal of the possession charge.

3. Complete a 6-month waiting period.

4. Petition for expungement from public record.

Illegal Search? Innocent? Mistake? We Protect Your Rights

WV Drug Crime Legal Defense

Whether you had absolutely nothing to do with the charges brought against you and are innocent, were the subject of an illegal search, found yourself addicted, struggling with substance abuse or opiate use disorder, or made a mistake, you can rely on Isner Law Office to provide the skilled legal representation you need during this stressful time. From providing legal guidance and answering your questions to fighting to secure the best possible outcome for your case, our West Virginia drug crime legal defense team is committed to serving the needs of our clients. Let us protect your rights so you can put this behind you as quickly as possible.

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