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Have you been served with a protective order (restraining order) in West Virginia? If you have been accused of committing domestic battery/assault, it is critically important to secure legal guidance and representation IMMEDIATELY.

Domestic Assault & Battery – Restraining Orders – Protective Orders

The experienced domestic assault defense lawyers at Isner Law Office aggressively protect our clients’ rights throughout West Virginia. If you have been named as a perpetrator of domestic assault or battery, contact our law firm right away! You may only have a few days to prepare and present your case.

The Serious Consequences of Restraining Orders In WV

If you are facing a protective order in West Virginia, you must understand the seriousness of the accusations being made against you. Restraining orders can carry extremely serious consequences. Aside from significant legal fines, the possibility of imprisonment, and the destruction of your reputation, restraining orders may also restrict contact with your minor children – thereby eliminating any chance of visitation rights for the duration of the order and possibly longer. You may also be forced to leave your home. Your right to possess a firearm may be restricted, also. In addition, the restraining order will appear on background checks. This may ruin your ability to obtain employment and housing in the future. At Isner Law Office, we’re here to defend your rights and help you avoid these terrible consequences.

Your Right to Legal Defense

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Temporary (emergency) restraining orders may be granted by a judge based solely on the testimony of the alleged victim – and without the presence of evidence. Nevertheless, you DO have the right to present a legal defense to the accusations against you before a permanent protective order is granted. Restraining orders do not simply go away if you ignore them. You must take action FAST. Do not delay! Contact Isner Law Office right away for legal advice and counsel in all areas of West Virginia.

What Should I Do If Served With a Restraining Order In WV?

If you have been served with a restraining order, you must present solid evidence in your defense and a valid refutation of the claims made against you in the domestic abuse petition filed with the court. To help our law firm provide the most effective domestic violence defense case on your behalf, you should immediately begin gathering all of the following, as applicable:

1. Witness names and contact information (those able to truthfully testify about the incident in question, as well as individuals who may have relevant information about the inaccuracy of accusations made against you)

2. Physical evidence (any images, clothing, objects, and other items of interest that support your defense)

3. Digital evidence (any texts, phone records, emails, letters, computer records, and GPS data that support your defense)

4. Any other materials of relevance to counter the claims being made against you

Which Evidence Is Important to My Defense?

The most important evidence is that which can prove:

You were NOT at the location where the incident allegedly occurred.

You did NOT commit the act you have been accused of.

You COULD NOT possibly have committed the act you have been accused of.

Do NOT Contact the Alleged Victim

In any case, do NOT contact the alleged victim in any way (even if you share children together). Do not attempt to contact the alleged victim through a third party or by any other means. If the restraining order also prohibits contact with your minor children, you must not contact them at any time or at any place. While this may seem extraordinarily difficult and cruel, it is absolutely essential to maintain the integrity of your case.

What If the Alleged Victim Contacts Me?

In ANY case, do NOT contact the alleged victim. If the victim contacts you for any reason, DO NOT RESPOND either directly or through a third party. Any violation, no matter how minor, is likely to result in your arrest and imprisonment, the accumulation of significant fines, as well as almost ensuring that the temporary restraining order filed against you will become a permanent restraining order.

Effective Domestic Violence Legal Representation In WV

Isner Law Office is dedicated to providing answers to urgent questions regarding your domestic violence case. We are here so you can be as informed and empowered as possible during this extremely difficult time. Our skilled defense attorneys have a thorough understanding of West Virginia’s laws governing protective/restraining orders. Our domestic violence defense attorneys have the experience necessary to provide the advice you need and effective legal representation to help secure the best possible outcome for your case.

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