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Secure the Right to Visit Your Grandchild

Are you being kept away from your grandchild? If you are a grandparent who is being wrongfully prevented from spending quality time with your grandchild, Isner Law Office in Elkins can help you seek a court order to visit with your grandchild anywhere in West Virginia.

When Your Grandchild Needs You, Be There

Divorce – Death of a Parent – CPS Involvement

Many grandparents suffer as a result of situations that are completely out of their control. A bitter divorce, the death of a child (who is the parent of a grandchild), CPS intervention, and other unfortunate situations can result in your grandchild being deprived of your care when he or she needs it most. Our attorneys are skilled at preparing petitions to assist you with exercising your rights as a grandparent throughout the entire state of West Virginia.

When West Virginia CPS Gets Involved

Grandchild Custody

If you find yourself in a situation involving the inability of your grandchild’s parent to properly care for them, anticipate an upcoming hearing involving the transfer of child custody to the state of West Virginia, or the termination of parental rights, you may be able to intervene, but you must act fast. As a grandparent, you have specific legal rights regarding the custody of your grandchild when the parents are unable or unwilling to retain custody. We can help you navigate any situation you may find yourself in regarding Child Protective Services and your grandchild.

Court Orders For Visitation of Grandchildren

As the grandparent of a child with whom you previously enjoyed a close family relationship, courts are likely to take this aspect into strong consideration as one of the factors used to issue an order of visitation. This is particularly true in cases where the child’s own parents may have exhibited less than ideal actions and behaviors in the past. Our legal team can help you seek the opportunity to provide your grandchild with the stable, positive, and loving influence of a caring grandparent.

West Virginia Grandparents Rights

Grandchild Visitation and Adoption

It is important to note that the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, as well as the United States Supreme Court, have previously ruled that a fit parent has the inherent right to make all decisions regarding the care, custody, and control of his or her own children. Therefore, the will of the parent(s) must be given significant weight. However, this does not preclude the possibility of seeking (and being awarded) visitation rights. West Virginia law provides courts with the authority to grant reasonable visitation when it is both in the best interest of the child and when it would not substantially interfere with the relationship of the parent and child. In certain circumstances, you may also be able to petition the court for custody or adoption of your grandchild.

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