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Isner Law Office is proud to protect and defend the rights guaranteed to citizens by the United States Constitution and West Virginia state law. If you have been arrested for a weapons violation, firearm or gun-related crime, it is of the utmost importance to choose an experienced attorney with knowledge of the laws governing both West Virginia and U.S. Federal law. At Isner Law Office, our guns & firearms defense lawyers fight to protect the rights of gun owners charged with crimes throughout West Virginia, as well as those accused of violating state and federal firearm laws.

Protecting Your Gun Rights

Effective Legal Defense Strategies In West Virginia

In West Virginia, and throughout the nation, efforts are constantly underway to attack the rights of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. Newly created laws are turning good, honest citizens into criminals. Consequently, you may be surprised to discover that you have violated one of these laws just by owning or handling a gun or anything else that may be considered a weapon.

Legal Representation for Gun Charges

Was a safely stored hunting rifle taken without your knowledge? Did you accidentally enter a prohibited area with your daily carry piece? If you are being charged with committing any type of gun, firearms, pistol, rifle, or weapons violation under West Virginia or federal weapons law, you need a solid defense strategy. Isner Law Office can help protect your rights now and into the future.

Protecting the Second Amendment

When you choose Isner Law Office, our skilled gun rights attorneys can begin building your defense right away. We defend citizens throughout West Virginia in county, state, and federal courts. We help our clients minimize any penalties imposed, avoid firearms charges, excessive fines and jail time. Most importantly, we fight to help our clients avoid losing their critical Second Amendment Constitutional right to possess a firearm.

Possession of Illegal Firearms In WV

Machine Guns – Submachine Guns – Fully Automatic Weapons

In West Virginia, it is currently illegal to sell and/or possess some types of firearms. Generally, this includes firearms classified as “machine guns / submachine guns / fully automatic weapons,” with some exceptions. Whether you accidentally handled a prohibited grenade launcher, rocket launcher, Kalishnikov, Steyr AUG, or military firearm, included a unique historic piece in your collection that is considered too scary looking, or made a mistake regarding a firearm the law considers an assault weapon, the law views the mere possession of these tools as a serious crime. A conviction for any charge related to an illegal firearm can be catastrophic. If you are facing a prohibited firearms possession or weapons charge in West Virginia, you need an attorney who has your back.

Persons Prohibited from Firearm Possession

Aside from prohibited firearms, West Virginia bans entire classes of people from purchasing and/or possessing any type of firearm. Classes discriminated against include:

-those convicted of crimes punishable by imprisonment over one year

-those who are considered to be habitually addicted to alcohol

-those who use, or are considered habitually addicted to controlled substances

-individuals adjudicated mentally incompetent

-those who have been involuntarily committed to a mental institution for any reason

-illegal aliens and others unlawfully present in the United States

-those who have been dishonorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces

-individuals found guilty of committing domestic abuse

In addition, it is considered a felony to provide, or knowingly permit an employee to provide, any deadly weapon to an individual prohibited from purchasing/possessing them.

You Do NOT Have to Accept a Plea Agreement

WV Court Representation for Firearms Charges

If you are being charged with a local, state, or federal firearms violation in West Virginia, you do not have to accept a plea agreement! Isner Law Office can work with you to build an effective legal defense. Our weapons charges defense attorneys can represent you in a court of law in a trial by jury against the charges you face. Even if you broke the law, and jurors believe beyond a reasonable doubt that you did indeed break the law, they may utilize “juror nullification” to return a Not Guilty verdict that respects your Constitutional rights. As firearms laws continue to become more restrictive, so will our efforts to protect your rights.

Restoration of Gun Rights In West Virginia

Petition for Legal Eligibility to Purchase and Possess a Firearm

As of 2008, individuals prohibited from purchasing/possessing firearms in West Virginia may petition their local circuit court to regain their legal eligibility to purchase and possess a gun. However, the specific requirements for the restoration of gun rights can be complicated – especially for certain disabled individuals with a mental health history. At Isner Law Office, we understand that people are resilient. People do change. People can and do recover from all types of personal situations.

Do You Want to Hunt, Sport Shoot & Defend Your Family?

Are you a person currently prohibited from possessing a firearm in West Virginia? Do you feel confident that you’re mentally stable and able to handle all of the rights and responsibilities of gun ownership? If you are interested in learning more about how you can regain your legal right to hunt, sport shoot, and more effectively defend yourself and your family, contact Isner Law Office to schedule a consultation today.

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If you’re facing weapons charges or need assistance securing your gun rights in West Virginia, we can help. The gun-rights defense attorneys at Isner Law Office understand what you are going through. We look forward to applying our skill, expertise, and knowledge of the law to provide solid legal advice, fight for your rights, represent you in court, and obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Contact Isner Law Office now to schedule your FREE* initial consultation. Put our firearms defense team to work for you statewide. Call 304-636-7681.

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