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Are you facing a legal matter or dispute in Harrison County? The attorneys at Isner Law Office provide superior legal representation for individuals, families, and businesses in Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Shinnston, Salem, and statewide throughout West Virginia. From the Harrison County Courthouse to West Virginia state courts and US federal courts, the Isner Law team protects your best interests.

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One of the most dangerous roads in West Virginia is the Rt. 50 – I-79 Intersection. If you or a family member were injured in an accident in Clarksburg or Harrison County, WV, Isner Law Office can help you recover the money you’re due from negligent drivers and insurance companies. Contact our personal injury attorneys to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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In some cases, those found to have appeared in a public place in an intoxicated condition, but is an alcoholic, may be found not guilty by reason of addiction. When this happens, the individual is subject to “proper disposition by a mental hygiene commissioner.” Yes, that is as terrifying as it sounds.

Social Security Disability Claim Denied In Shinnston, WV?

If you are facing any drug or alcohol-related charge, the situation is always serious. In some cases, the matter can rapidly evolve into one with catastrophic results for your future. Although the penalty for a first offense may seem minor to some, it would be a mistake to disregard any public intoxication-related charge. An involuntary commitment to a mental health facility may result in loss of your right to possess a firearm and the incident may have life-long results. To make matters worse, it can be extremely difficult to gain release from these types of facilities.

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