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Is a legal matter or family dispute disrupting your life? Do you need help protecting your rights in Fairmont, Mannington, or Marion County, West Virginia? The attorneys at Isner Law Office protect the interests of our clients in a wide range of issues from divorce, child custody, grandparent rights, and CPS matters to auto accidents, drug, assault, and criminal charges, gun rights, and disability representation. If you’re facing a legal matter in Marion County, WV, we can represent your interests at the Marion County Courthouse, as well as West Virginia state courts and US federal courts.

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Marion County West Virginia has long been an industrial county. Here, coal has contributed to many families’ success. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks has been the number of coal trucks that travel Marion County roads. If you or a family member have been injured in an accident with a coal truck in or around the Fairmont area, you can turn to Isner Law Office for help. Our personal injury lawyers are willing to come to you whether it be at your residence or in the hospital. Isner Law is committed to helping you get the compensation you need for your losses from the accident.

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Divorce, Custody, Grandparent Rights and CPS Matters

Divorce, custody, grandparents’ rights, Child Protective Services, and visitation are just a few of the problems that Fairmont residents deal with. It’s comforting to know that there is a law firm offering expertise in these and other areas of family law for families in Fairmont, Mannington, and surrounding areas. Isner Law Office’s divorce lawyers, child abuse lawyers, and family law attorneys provide legal counsel and representation throughout Marion County.

Denied Social Security Disability In Fairmont, WV?

Getting approved for Social Security can be a long process, so it’s crucial to have an attorney who can provide expert guidance. You wouldn’t hire a car salesman to fix your plumbing, so don’t just hire any businessperson to represent your Social Security disability claim. If you’re interested in receiving benefits in Fairmont or Marion County, hire Isner Law Office.

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Isner Law Office has been practicing law in north-central West Virginia for many years. Our attorneys and staff take pride in numerous recognitions for expert service and legal guidance. We offer legal advice and representation that residents of Fairmont, Mannington, Marion County, WV, and surrounding areas can trust. Contact us to request a free* initial consultation. Call 304-636-7681.

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