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The attorneys at Isner Law Office handle a wide range of legal issues for clients in Kingwood, Terra Alta, and Preston County, WV. We offer legal counsel and representation for issues including divorce, custody, visitation, and CPS matters, criminal defense, auto accident claims, and personal injuries caused by the negligence of others, disability benefits claims, gun rights, and estate planning. If you’re facing a legal matter, we can help protect your rights at the Preston County Courthouse, as well as in West Virginia state courts and US federal courts.

Kingwood, WV Personal Injury Lawyer

We’ve all seen news stories about the “bad accident on Route 7.” If you or a loved one were injured by a negligent driver on a Preston County road, contact Phil Isner. Our personal injury attorneys hold reckless drivers accountable and put you on the path to justice. For aggressive legal representation for your financial compensation claim in Kingwood, Terra Alta, and beyond, trust your case to Isner Law Office.

Getting a Divorce In Kingwood or Terra Alta, WV?

Residents of Kingwood, Terra Alta, and Fellowsville will agree that Isner Law Office is more than capable of handling your divorce needs. From your initial divorce filing to alimony, child custody, parenting plans, modifications, and more, Phil Isner and staff are here to help you begin again, Preston County. When it’s time to take control of your future, call the divorce lawyers you can trust.

Social Security Representation In Kingwood, WV

Being unable to work is frustrating. It’s even worse when the federal government denies your social security claim. The only recourse you have is to fight back! You wouldn’t show up to a gunfight armed with just a knife. So why would you show up to a Social Security Disability hearing without a lawyer? The disability lawyers at Isner Law Office proudly stand up for disabled residents of Kingwood, WV. We advocate for what is rightfully yours. Contact us today to represent your disability claim in Preston County.

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Preston County, WV Lawyers

Isner Law Office has practiced law in north-central West Virginia for many years. Our attorneys and staff take pride in numerous recognitions for expert service and guidance. We offer legal advice and representation that residents of Kingwood, Terra Alta, and Preston County can trust. Contact us to request a free* initial consultation. Call 304-636-7681.

*In most cases, family law consultations are not free.