How to Fight False Allegations and Criminal Charges in WV

Have You Been Arrested? We’re Here to Help

If you have been arrested or are being charged with a serious crime in the state of West Virginia, your first step is to call Isner Law Office immediately at: 304-636-7681. Whether you made a mistake or are facing false allegations that are completely untrue, you can rely on our experienced legal team to help you get through this nightmare.

At Isner Law Office, we understand that people sometimes make mistakes and we are here to help you fight for your freedom. Experience has also shown that a significant percentage of those accused did not even commit the crime that they are being charged with! We do not judge. We provide an effective, aggressive legal defense on your behalf.

Do You Suspect That You Will Be Charged With a Crime?

Do not discuss the case with anyone. Your best option is to contact Isner Law Office as soon as you become aware that a criminal charge may be filed against you. You do not have to wait until you are arrested or a criminal complaint is filed against you. In some cases, we may be able to stop the charges before they are even filed by the magistrate.

We Protect the Innocent Against Charges For Crimes They Did Not Commit

There are many cases when innocent individuals face charges for crimes they did not commit. Unfortunately, this is much more common than the general public is led to believe. Some of the more common situations we encounter include:

Mislabeled Victim – In many cases, an individual is attacked and the actual victim is labeled as the one who committed the attack. This frequently happens in cases of self defense when the police perform an improper/incomplete investigation, when witnesses are sympathetic to the attacker, or the attacker’s attorney advised him or her to file against you first (even if you were willing to let it go).

Sexual Assault Allegations – Many of these cases involve the word of the alleged perpetrator against the alleged victim. There are unlikely to be any witnesses and there may not even be any evidence such as fingerprints or DNA.

Domestic Abuse Allegations – The complexities involved with domestic abuse cases require the experience of a skilled legal team. If you are going through a divorce and have been falsely accused of domestic abuse or violence against your spouse, partner, and/or children, contact Isner Law Office right away. We are experienced at resolving domestic abuse charges, as well as handling all aspects of family law (including divorce and child custody).

Legal Defense for DUI, Theft, Gun Crimes, Sexual Assault, and More

Isner Law Office provides skilled, aggressive legal defense for individuals accused of many types of cases, including:

Drug Crimes
Burglary, Robbery, & Theft
Weapons Charges
Public Intoxication
Child Pornography
Sexual Assault
Gun Crimes

Unfortunately, merely being accused of a crime may result in you being mislabeled as a criminal for life. Isner Law Office fiercely defends the rights of our clients throughout West Virginia. We understand how important your freedom is. If you or a loved one requires protection against harsh criminal penalties, our team is ready to serve you. Call: 304-636-7681.