Franklin, WV Personal Injury & Family Law Attorney

Car Wreck Lawyer for Franklin, WV

Phil Isner and his staff are dedicated to helping those individuals who have suffered loss via automobile accidents in Franklin and the surrounding area. If the accident occurred at the hands of someone else’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation. Don’t settle with an insurance company for less than what you deserve.

Divorce Lawyer in Franklin, WV

The Law office of Phil Isner wants to represent you in front of the local family law master or judge. You don’t have to go thru the divorce process alone. The quickest way isn’t always the best way. Contact our firm today to see how we can insure your success.

Get Social Security Disability Representation in Franklin, WV

If you or a family member have been denied social security disability, you need to contact Isner Law Office for representation. We have skilled experience at helping people receive their benefits. Call us today at 304-636-7681.

Find a Lawyer in Pendleton County, WV

Isner Law Office has been practicing law throughout North Central West Virginia. We have received numerous recognitions for expert service and guidance. Please Contact Us now for a free initial consultation (in most cases, family law consultations are not free).