Kingwood, WV Personal Injury & Family Law Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Kingwood, WV

We’ve all seen the news stories of the “bad accident on Route 7”. When you or your family has suffered at the hands of a negligent driver on a Preston County road, contact Phil Isner to begin putting you on the path to justice. Isner Law is dedicated to getting positive results for their clients, and promises to handle your case aggressively.

Getting a Divorce in Kingwood, WV?

Residents in Kingwood, Terra Alta, and Fellowsville will all agree that the Isner Law Office is more than capable of handling your divorce needs. Whether it’s the initial filing, alimony, or child custody in question, you need Phil Isner and his staff to help you begin again.

Social Security Representation for Kingwood, WV

It’s frustrating to not be able to work, it’s even worse when the federal government denies your social security claim. The only recourse you have is to fight back! If you were going to a gunfight, you wouldn’t arm yourself with just a knife. So why should you show up to a Social Security Disability hearing without a lawyer? Isner Law is happy to stand up and advocate for what is rightfully yours. Contact us today to represent your claim.

Find a Lawyer in Preston County

Isner Law Office has been practicing law throughout North Central West Virginia. We have received numerous recognitions for expert service and guidance. Please Contact Us now for a free initial consultation (in most cases, family law consultations are not free).