What to Do After a Car Crash: 5 Important Steps

The probability of being involved in a car crash at some point in your life is so high as to be almost a guarantee. With this grim prospect in mind, the least you can do is learn exactly what you should do after a vehicle accident. Because you will likely be upset, unable to think clearly, probably in shock, and possibly injured, you might consider printing a copy of the five most important steps to take following a car crash.

1. Report the Accident – Call 911

If you have been involved in a serious accident, you should dial 911 immediately (as soon it is safe to do so). There is a possibility that you have been injured worse that you think – and you may lose consciousness. Even if you feel fine, others involved may have been seriously injured and require medical assistance.

By law, you are required to report any vehicle accident in which any individual has been injured or killed, or if $500 or more of property damage has occurred. Contact the local police, county sheriff, or the nearest WV State Police Office.

2. Take Care – Get Off the Road

-If possible, pull your vehicle off to the side of the road
-Turn off the engine
-Turn on flashers/Light flares
-Offer basic first aid 
*Never move an accident victim unless it is necessary!

3. Exchange Information

-Exchange your name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, license plate number, and WV motor vehicle registration information with the other driver.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

-Alert your auto insurance company

*By law, auto insurance is required in West Virginia. If you are not carrying insurance at the time of the accident, your driver’s license and registration will be immediately suspended.

5. Contact Your Attorney

Call Isner Law Office at: 304-636-7681. Our experienced team can review the details of your case and ensure that your best interests are protected. Do not talk to or communicate with the insurance company of the other driver at any time. Do not apologize or admit guilt. Let us handle everything for you.